Home Grown Shopping – a treat for the taste buds!

Everything we do here at Simba Farm Lodge is a real family affair and nothing more so than Mama Yoka’s ‘Simba Farm Shop’, which sells all our amazing seasonal produce and even more exotic varieties. Many of our visitors are left in glorious disbelief when they see the size of our fruit and vegetable and taste the flavours; not something they are likely to have sampled in their own countries. This is because of our wonderful ‘recipe’ for cultivation that then translates into delicious food.

It all starts with our incredibly rich soil. Thanks to Mother Nature, living on the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro allows us to literally tap into the most incredible volcanic soil. No need to pump it full of fertilizers, or dig and rotovate to within an inch of your life. The climate here is also one of the most forgiving for cultivation, which means we don’t need to use more water than necessary, nor do we need to use artificial light, ever.

Garden Vegetables
Garden Vegetables

Into this we plant only the very best in carefully chosen seeds and home-grown juvenile plants, which have been selected over many years from only the most succulent, sturdy and high-yielding fruit and vegetables to ensure the produce that comes from them is just as good. There are also benefits when come to pest control – unlike most market places in Tanzania, we apply very limited and controlled spraying; ensuring no harm to the plants and better still none to the consumer.

And the last but by no means the least of our ingredients is the genuine love and care that we devote to our produce and customer service. Every living thing responds better to a caring environment and this is also true of our food and perhaps the most common reason that so many people keep coming back to Simba Farm Shop, where the experience is unhurried, the staff knowledgeable and helpful, and the customer always put first.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 8:00 to 5:00
Saturday 8:00 12:30
Sunday closed

(And remember we can prepare to orders in advance and even arrange delivery, for a small fee.)

To find out more you can contact us:

Email: simbafarmshop@rsc.co.tz
Location: google maps
Number: +255(0)787904580

Hosting K2N Mountain Biking Royalty

Hosting K2N Mountain Biking Royalty

All of us at Simba Farm Lodge were thrilled to offer rest and relaxation to the stars of this year’s Kilimanjaro 2 Natron (K2N) race. K2N is a four-day mountain bike race in the scenic and seldom travelled hinterland of northern Tanzania. Cyclists race four stages across stunning landscapes, from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro to the shores of Lake Natron, offering spectacular wildlife viewing and the opportunity the racers to experience our fantastic culture.

We were delighted to give the racers a taste of our exceptional Tanzanian hospitality here on the farm during their stay, in particular our home-grown food (particularly the baking) went down a treat. In the time the racers had with us, off the saddle, they delighted in the whole farm experience and getting to feel right at home. In return we got to know and see some of the best-known racers and photographers in mountain biking today! With 19 riders from 7 countries it was something exciting for us too. For those of you in the know Cannondale rider Tinker won stages 1, 2, and 4. Trevor of KTM won stage 3.

We also hosted the support team including Tim Ellerbeck who writes for Mountain Bike (magazine) SA and race director Brett Harrison who founded Kilimanjaro 2 Natron MTB Stage Race to fund agriculture development. Brett explained to us that K2N’s commitment to serving local farmers is a key reason the race exists, and their partnership with Tanzanian organization One World Sustainable Livelihood (OWSL) assists resource-poor smallholder farmers across the country. A few of the projects Brett and OWSL are responsible for include:

  • Conservation agriculture
  • Nitrogen-fixing legumes for improved fallows
  • Beekeeping
  • Tilapia farming
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Kitchen gardens

Bearing in mind here at Simba Farm Lodge we are all about sustainability this event was a perfect match for us to be a part of, and we look forward to doing it all again next year!

Flower Garden

Colourful Flower Gardens

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature

This is the most beautiful time of the year, when the majority of our gardens are in full bloom.  Take a stroll around the lush green flower gardens and you will see there are numerous different types of indigenous and exotic flowers and trees to admire. This vast diversity of flowers helps to attract a colourful variety of birds and butterflies.

Come and experience the colours for yourself, and don’t forget your binoculars if you want to do some bird or butterfly watching, or simply allow yourself to get lost in the peace and tranquillity of Simba Farm Lodge gardens.

cratering for large groups

Catering for Big Groups

Over the last few weeks we have hosted many guests who have cycled around Mt Kilimanjaro, most of them using Simba Farm Lodge as a finish point for their safari.  Here at Simba Farm Lodge we are able to cater for all events, such as weddings, high teas, group retreats and all sorts of other functions, large and small, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your requirements!



For more information about functions hosted at Simba Farm Lodge
Contact us: info@simbafarmlodge.co.tz or call +255(0)784687335

tarmac road

Tarmac – New Road

Good news!!!!

The new tarmac road is nearly done! We have been informed that the tarmac road will be completed up to the farm by the end of 2018. This will help our guests and visitors to reach us more easily (and comfortably) and help to cut down on travel time.  It will undoubtedly help with access during the rains too!!

Come and see the new road for yourself!

planting seasons

Planting for the Long Rains

We have started planting for the long rains again.\nStill waiting for the rains really to get started though.\nEvery year for the long rains we plant around 3000 acres of Beans, Wheat and Barley.\n\nEveryone gets together and helps to get the crops planted.

TRADE MISSION for potatoes

TRADE MISSION for potatoes

Simba Farm is excited to host the TRADE MISSION for potatoes on the farm on the 16th June 2016.

Showing them around the farm and hosting the mission for a lovely home made farm meal, before they head of to the next farm visit.

“TRADE MISSION | Minister Van Dam is visiting Arusha on 15 and 16 June! He will sign an agreement between Tanzania and the Netherlands on the conditions of importing seed potatoes. The visit marks the start of a 5 day potato trade mission to the Southern Highland (Mbeya, Njombe, Iringa) where Dutch companies will explore concrete business opportunities. We keep you updated!”

link: https://www.facebook.com/DutchEmbassyTanzania/

History Time

The other day Ed Richter who was a farm manager at Simba Farm in 1965 contacted us.

He was so kind to send us pictures from the houses and workshop area. Not much has changed over the last few years.