Enjoy the variety of farm products, from garden grown vegetables to locally raise meats and farm-fresh milk. Offering the prefect hearty homemade farm meals on your private verandas surrounded by lush green gardens, crating a home a from home atmosphere. We cater for all dietary requirements and we can arrange for early dinners for children.

Our breakfast includes a variety of Farm products, including breads, farm-fresh milk from our dairy cows, homemade yogurt and cream cheese. Do not forget eggs from our chickens

Afternoon lunch; three course farm style meals with a large range of vegetables, salads and tasty marinated meat where you can serve yourselves. You can taste the freshness of the food and do not be shy there is plenty for everyone. Evening dinner brings a candle-lit three course meal with a assortment of wines. Prefect way to round of the day.

Enjoy your meals!

Freshly grown garden vegetables prepared and ready to cook a tasty farm meal for you