Simba Farm Lodge is a total of 7,000 acres where we grow barley and wheat for the local market and seed beans for export to Europe.

We have two seasons every year, the ‘Short Rains’ which are between October and November and ‘Long Rains’ which are between March and May.

Harvesting Season

Harvesting season for the ‘Short Rains’ crop starts in February and ends in March and for the ‘Long Rains’ it starts in July and ends in September.

Cattle & Sheep

The sheep:  Our sheep are a cross between Blackhead Persian and Dorper Sheep.  The sheep are mostly used for meat production.  The lambing season takes place twice a year around February and again in September.
The cattle: The breed we have on the farm is Boran.  Boran is mostly bred for the meat production with a few cows being kept for dairy.

Herbs and Vegetables

Simba Farm Lodge has a wide assortment of fresh vegetables and herbs.  These are grown locally and are used at the lodge for all our delicious meals.  The produce is also taken into Arusha and supplied to restaurants, hotels, safari companies and homes that want the best locally homegrown produce available!