“A wonderful getaway & extremely child friendly”

Simba Farm Lodge is a fully working farm, we love having families around and, as such, we provide a very child friendly environment.  Our goal is to create an environment for children where they not only learn about farming, but also how to not be scared of the animals.

On the farm we have a large variety of animals, and depending on the time of the year it is possible to see many calves and lambs in the fields.  In the top garden you will find rabbits, chickens and ducks and in the yard you will see the cattle, sheep and horses.

The chicken coop:  You are very welcome to go into the chicken coop where children are allowed and encouraged to hold chicks under the close supervision of a responsible adult.

Where does milk come from?  We encourage our youngest guests to learn about the different farm animals and also discover where milk really comes. The more adventurous children will have the opportunity to milk a cow themselves.

The vegetable garden:  Nestled on the slopes of West Kilimanjaro, our soil is very fertile leading to wonderful crops and tasty produce!  Take a stroll though the vegetable garden where children can learn all about the different vegetables and how they grow.  Depending on the season children can harvest vegetables and our kitchen staff will prepare a meal for them using the vegetables they picked themselves.

Ask for our Peddle Go-Karts:  They are available for children to play on and believe it or not, even the parents have lots of fun on the Go-Karts.

NB – Children playing on the Go-Karts must be accompanied by a responsible adult and whilst Simba Farm Lodge make every effort to ensure the safety of our guests, anyone playing on the Go-Karts do so at their own risk.

Horse Riding:  We have two retired show horses that the kids can ride on around the garden.  Please ask for more details.