Simba Farm is located in a unique environment near to the lush vegetation at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro which means there is a wide range of different species of birds. From the Savannah plains to the cultivated lands and beauty of the rainforest, you will be guaranteed to see all colours and sizes, not to mention be witness to their hypnotic birdsong!

Birds occasionally visit the farm during different times of the year, see below for guide;

Farm seasons:

Short Rains: October to November
Planting Season: October
Harvesting Season: February to March
Longs Rains: March to May
Planting Season: March to April
Harvesting Season: July to September

Feel free to grab your bird book, binoculars, and walking boots and take a hike around the countryside to make the most of any opportunity to spot something new.

Bird List: Currently our list contains over 130 identified different birds, please share any new birds with us so our list can grow.